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Add high value to various new materials by Metallizing.

Production System

To meet demand from customers by cutting-edge equipments

Established the production line with the cutting-edge equipments adding on the resin molding technology and plating technology accumulated in Japan. We are ready to meet quality, cost and delivery deadlines customers desire.

Injection molding

Cutting-edge injection molding machines in excellent productivity and stability have been introduced and corresponding to the molding of high-value-added materials such engineering plastics and super engineering plastics with the high technical solid molding. In order to establish the most appropriate resin molding line with customer’s demand, have installed 5 sizes of injection molding machines from 100 to 350 ton size by size and realized high accuracy molding at low cost.

own injection molding machines350tSUMITOMO1

Resin plating

The full automatic plating line applicable the plating on PC/ABS resin has been operating with 24-hours. and corresponding to the export standard which is over 20┬Ám of Nickel thickness and Russian standard(white trivalent chromium).Not only an excellent function of plating such as the corrosion resistance, but also the high grade sense of color tone which pursuits genuine texture can be expressed as and that is Kakihara’s unique strength. This is the reason why the company is evaluated from the world-famous car manufacturers .

Tank size : width 2.5m , heigh 1.5m
Length of line : apporx.100m

24-hour full automatic operation