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Add high value to various new materials by Metallizing.

Integrated manufacturing of resin products

Process through proposal for design of product figure through to productization is conducted by one stop.

Established the integrated production system which creates highly competitive products. From parts design stage through proposal for appropriate figure of plating to the customer, we are contributing to improvement of quality.


The quality of plating is depends on “Quality of Mold”.
At Siam Kakihara, design proposal and drawing preparing are conducted in considering of how to reflect on the know-how of production technology to the mold and in anticipation of final process.
By utilizing of network system with cutting-edge CAD / CAM / CAE system and high-precision NC machine tools, we are manufacturing the mold in quick delivery and high precision.

Injection molding

Cutting-edge injection molding machines have been introduced and implementing resin molding by solid molding and gas assist injection molding technology. Gas assist injection molding technology enables precision hollow molding by feeding the nitrogen gas after injection of plastic material into mold. Due to 30% to 50% lighter weight in compare with solid molding, and resource conservation and cost reduction can be achieved.


By introduction of FMS(Flexible Manufacturing System), plating process which enables mass production while maintaining the quality has entrenched and 24 hour operation automatic resin plating line has been establisged. Also about decorative plating technology, we are putting our effort to meet the demand for metallizing against various resin materials such [Dark tone, Silvertone tone trivalent chromium plating], [Platinum satin Titanium] etc. In regard to film thickness, corresponded to export standard over 20┬Ám and Russia standard(white trivalent chromium).