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Add high value to various new materials by Metallizing.

Approach to CSR

To fulfill the social responsibility as a global company

Siam Kakihara has a production base in Chachoengsao, Thailand will fulfill the social responsibility as a member of local company and contribute to sustainable society development.

Message from Top Management

CEO Masaharu Mizuta

Siam kakihara has been established in 2013 and started the mass production from following year, September in 2014. As 5th resin plating line in Kakihara group, the latest line with various cultivated ideas were built. Resin plating products with advanced feature/high added value are delivered by one-stop and good at high designability of satin tone decorative plating. The variation of multi color tone is available and the gradation is rich also. Taking advantage of strength to company customers’ various demand, aiming to zero out the delayed deliveries and providing the good products with appropriate price under strict quality control.

5 years has been past since started the mass production and number of employees are over 120. We intend to build the second factory within few years and having a future vision to operate 6th plating line, but approximately 300 of additional employment is necessary. Therefore, we will promote the enrichment of labor environment, safety measures, human resource training and evaluation system.
By the creation of comfortable working environment, the motivation of employees would beĀ  increased and we think the manufacturing of proper quality products can be realized. In addition, we firmly believe that employment creation is primary meaning of contribution to society and intend to fulfill the social responsibility on the local area.

Role of globalizing company

As the part of corporate social responsibility, the important thing as one of role of global developing company with establishing the production base in oversea is coexistence and co-prosperity. Siam Kakihara accept for various values such as Thai culture and custom and positively tackle to the management, employment creation, enrichment of labor environment, human resource training and environmental conservation which rooted on the local area.

Quality control

At Siam Kakihara, has obtained International standard IATF16949 and ISO 9001about automotive quality management system as per construction of appropriate quality system and effective operation. Settlement of world class quality assurance is our largest mission. As a high reliable global supplier, we are aiming for further improvement of quality system.

Safety management

Based on law in Thailand, we have organized the safety committee and we are conducting the safety meeting, patrolling in the factory and reporting to the labor bureau monthly. Moreover, we are holding the safety week every year to conduct the safety awareness to the operators. We are also conducting the safety education for each level such as Leader, Manager and Management, and all staffs has participated.

Responsibility for human resources

When an operator joins Siam Kakihara, after we carry out the orientation, education for general safety and company regulation, the senior staff or leader trains the new operator based on the job description and work instruction in the department assigned until trainee obtains the skill and knowledge. As for staffs at the university graduate level, we are considering to move to a highly transparent evaluation system with a clear career path.

Environment corresponding

In addition of the exhaust measurement and water quality measurement conducting twice a year, newly obligated the water inspection and geological inspection by the boring is also carried out and controlled under the standard regulated by the country. Also the waste water of plating line is filtered and neutralized in order to comply with the standard of industrial estate and then discharged. We are corresponding to the environmental standard in Thailand which is more strict than Japan and tackle to the environmental conservation.