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Add high value to various new materials by Metallizing.

High added value to be provided by metallizing

Integrated production for automotive interior parts with excellent functionality and designability

Siam Kakihara is leading company in metallizing industries

To realize the variety of color tones
The various color tones of decorative plating have been realized including platinum satin plating with European style and dark tone. Color tones which dramatically improves designability are highly evaluated.
Integrated production system
We propose the proper shape of the products to the customer in the design stage and provide the stability in quality by integrated production which enables design through manufacturing, injection molding, plating and painting.
Establishment of global base
In order to establish the exporting system to ASEAN region, North America, South America and European countries, we have launched the production base in Thailand where known as the hub of the automotive industries.

Numerous products to be manufactured through strict standard and management system.

Aiming the 100% of customer satisfaction, manufacturing the Japan quality products