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Add high value to various new materials by Metallizing.

Corresponding to advancement of design

Various color tone which dramatically improves designability of car

Without losing the high corrosion resistance and function as ever, we develop the decorative plating to appeal to design one after another. We are leading the metallizing industry with various color tones.

*Displayed color on the screen is different with actual color.

Color sample

The case of color tone including the platinum satin series to be adopted as master design to the luxury car show no sign of significant decline. Reason for high evaluation rated from car manufacturer is color tones which dramatically improves the designability of the car. Numerous color tones arise from attitude to pursuit the genuineness. 20 kinds of color samples for decorative plating available, such bright, dark, glossiness and matte tones.


1. Chromium plating
2. Trivalent chromium(Silver)
3. Trivalent chromium(Dark)
4. Dark titanium
5. Super dark
6. Light platinum satin
7. Light platinum satin TI
8. Light platinum satin TT
9. Light platinum satin DT
10. Light platinum satin ST
11. Platinum satin
12. Platinum satin TI
13. Platinum satin TT
14. Platinum satin DT
15. Platinum satin ST
16. Sand platinum satin
17. Sand platinum satin TI
18. Sand platinum satin TT
19. Sand platinum satin DT
20. Sand platinum satin ST

Platinum satin plating

Platinum satin plating series which enables metallic tone with high quality feeling in European style. High luminance [light platinum satin], [platinum satin] like polishing the aluminium carefully, high antiglare effects with low luminance[sand platinum satin], 3 kinds lineup in total. Only part of nickel plating process changes to platinum satin plating process and plating function such adhesion strength and anti-corrosion remain same as normal plating parts. Other than normal ABS resin, corresponding to PC/ABS resin which is used for steering wheel and door handles.

Dark tone trivalent chromium plating

Traivalent chomium plating was developed to expand color range of monotonous chrome plating with excellent for corrosion resistance. As newly designed color, 3 different dark tone trivalent chromium types are available with high grade and depth. They are [Trivalent chromium dark] which adopted for tens of years, [Dark titanium] with dark bluish color tone and less red/yellow color tone and [Super dark] which has top class of blackish in the resin plating industry.

Silver tone trivalent chromium plating

Trivalent chromium plating which has an excellent corrosion resistance against snow melting salt used in cold region and we suceeded to developing the highly demanded silver color tone(white color).By calcium chloride corrosion resistance test, it is confirmed no abnomal condition over 1000 hours and pass 80 hours of CASS test. As well as dark tone trivalent chromium plating, hexavalent chromium are not contained and environment friendly process has been applied.

Platinum satin plating

Moreover, new variation of decoration had joined which can not be imitated by painting nor ion mold filming due to 3 kinds of platinum satin series and colaboration technology with each trivalent chromium. [Platinum satin titanium] is developed by combination of platinum satin color tone which has metallic tone appearence with high texture and trivalent chromium with high grade sense and depth. Further elegant color tone can be obtaoined and designability is dramatically improved. Needless to say, it is possilbe to correspond to the cold region. This plating has been used for the plating parts of high-end brand automotive.

Kind of satinhigh texture/color tone
TitaniumDark titaniumSuper Dark Titanium
Light platinum satin
Platinum satin
Sand platinum satin

Partial plating technology of double molding

Plating technology on double molding part means plating is feasible for only necessary spot on resin parts in effective way.
Because of this technology development, plating adequate for ABS resin and plating inadequate for polycarbonate resin can be molded as integral molding and enables plating without masking. Not only implementation of high designability, this technology will lead to the prevention of abnormal sound and cost reduction due to unnecessity of assembling the parts.