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Add high value to various new materials by Metallizing.

Quality Control

Established world-class quality control system

By own strict quality standard and fulfilling inspection system, customer’s demand to be productized in an appropriate manner. To maintain the world-class quality control system is Siam Kakihara’s largest mission.

Implementation of 100% inspection

100% inspection by the visual checking is carry out in order to deliver the best products. High quality products are secured and maintained by preventing the outflow of non conformity product in the final stage. Moreover, in the case a problem occurred, carry out the root cause analysis and reflect the solution to the production process in order to improve the quality. Always aiming the manufacturing with 100% of customer satisfaction the proper quality control system is well prepared.

Quality control equipments

Latest inspection equipments are available such as electrolytic film thickness meter, digital microscope, thermal shock testing device and so on. Corresponding to inspection for inside structure and high accuracy measurement of film thickness make a significant contribution for improvement and confirmation of the quality.

*Scanning electron microscope(SEM) is available at kakaihara Industries Co., Ltd.(head office in Japan)

Electrolytic film thickness meter
Peeling testing device
CASS testing equipment
Thermal cycle testing equipmentESPEC
Heat shock testing equipmentESPEC
Digital microscopeORIMPUS
Image dimension measuring equipmentKEYENCE
Surface tension measurement equipment
PH meter
Hull cell test
Other kinds of analysis equipment for plating liquid